Pets of Cheerz

When we started Cheerz, the idea was to build an app that people could use to upload their photos, and to create beautiful products for people to create them on. And while yes, we achieved this, we also managed to attract another very much unexpected market…

Recently we conducted a survey amongst our customers. What do they like? What do they want to see? What bothers them? Do they prefer ketchup to mayo?
The results were rather surprising, especially since it turned out that a large percentage of our customers were indeed not even people, but animals.

Jussssst kidding of course 😉 But what we do see all of the time on our Instagram account is photos of our lovely products featuring peoples’ even lovelier pets. And we love it! The whole point of Cheerz was to make people smile, by remembering the moments that made them smile at one point in time. And for many of us, that is indeed our pets. Whether it’s a bitchy cat that’s taken over the master bedroom, as as dumb AF dog that you love to bits anyway, there are plenty of photo-worthy moments to capture, print and treasure forever.

Like of course, these beauties…

@diglotetc’s moggy looks less than amused

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And here we have @annececile.g’s cat with her “Sod off, it’s Sunday” look

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@mocassinserretete’s cat was less than amused when he saw this get reposted

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My, that’s some lovely facial hair that @mazelmae’s cat is sporting!

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We’re not sure what’s glowing more… @o_reilly_s’ beautiful puppy, or the box the photos came in

@3mman_elle’s cat just always has to be centre of attention (but with fur like that, how could it not?)

Once you see it… (thanks @alwaysiria)

*Shudder* We wouldn’t like to have been @milou_in_wonderland at that moment

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Seems legit

Want to create something special with your own pet? Do it right here at Cheerz.

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