1000 Words by Danielle

Danielle, 25, UK

So Danielle, what's so special about this photo?

I like this photo because it reminds me of all the festivals I’ve been to - I love going to festivals!. I’m due to go to Lovebox this weekend with a group of friends and I’m really excited.

Is this your first time at Lovebox?

No actually, I try to go every year - I’ve been the last four years in a row now.

So you must really enjoy Lovebox! What's so great about it?

I love Lovebox because it’s local for one thing, and it’s got a really nice atmosphere… it’s a nice chilled festival, and it usually has really good acts, so it's worth going to. I’ve also been to a few other festivals, like Creamfields for example - it also has a really good atmosphere.

Any acts in particular that you're excited about?

I’m really looking forward to seeing Rudimental this year.

And lastly, will you be taking photos at Lovebox?

I’ll definitely be taking lots of photos at Lovebox this year! There’s loads to see, and it's fun to look back on them later. I love taking photos, I take a lot of my friends, family and nice sceneries.

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