1000 Words by Francesca

Francesca, 25, Italy

What is it about this photo that you enjoy?

This picture reminds of when I met my boyfriend. He worked in this pub in my city Chieti. When I met him, I was in a difficult period of my life… you know when you just need to get out, have a drink and forget about things? So I went to this pub, which is called Il Baffa (it means “the moustache” in English)... it's a bit quirky, and I always had a good time there.

Did you go to Il Baffa often?

I used to go this pub all the time, but I hadn’t been for a long time. And then I went this first night, and there was this bartender...

Then what happened?

Him and I, we just clicked… we could have a drink together, have a laugh together. We were definitely interested in each other… then after a few dates we got together as a couple. Now, it’s been one and half years together, and it’s going really well.

How did you end up in London?

We moved here to London together together two months ago. We came here to look for new experiences and new challenges. We’ve definitely found these… but we’re heading back to Italy soon. We miss the seaside and the warmer weather, which isn’t always found here in London. But we’ll definitely miss the city.

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