1000 Words by Sam

Sam, 22, United Kingdom

Can you tell me a bit about this photo? Basically, I love bread... and I want to be a baker. This photo is of a delicious bread stand at Borough Markets. Someday I want to start making my own bread and selling it... I just love bread!

Seems like you really love it! Why is that? I love the smell of bread, and the feel of it when it’s warm. I went to Italy once and they have all of these bakeries where everyone goes in the morning to buy their bread fresh… it just smells delicious. And that’s where the passion started. Plus, I also like eating bread.

Do you have any other interests besides eating and making bread? I love travelling. I try to go every year to Mongolia, where I like riding around the steppe. But I’m also a culinary tourist and like trying new food. If you want to understand me, you have to understand my stomach. I’ve tried it all - you can’t shy me away from anything.

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