Getting to know Cheerz: Rob’s Photo Album

Name: Rob
Occupation: Acquisition Manager UK


Super serious team member Rob (lol, jk) took the opportunity to make an Album filled with photos of all the women he’d like to be when he one day (hopefully) grows up. It’s certainly one of the more curious albums we’ve seen made so far, so naturally we had some questions…

Q: What’s up with the “Women I’d like to be” book?
A: I’m quite progressive, and I think it’s fun to think of these kind of things. Why the heck not?

Q: I like it. Secondly, why did you go with the blue cover instead of, say, pink?
A: Blue is regal… like me.

Q: It seems you’ve chosen Rachel Weisz for the cover photo. How did you make such a decision?
A: Honey, did you see Rachel Weisz in The Mummy? And plus, she’s married to Daniel Craig. #womenidliketobe

Q: What will you do now with this book?
A: I’m actually a stand up comedian in my spare time (yes, I do have some sort of a life outside Cheerz) and so I’ll definitely be using this Album in my stand-up routine.

Q: How long did it take you to make, just out of interest?
A: 45 minutes… but that was only because it was an internal battle deciding which women would make the cut.

Q: So in saying that, will there ever be a follow up Album made?
A: Indeed, I can think of enough women for 10 Albums!

If you like the idea of aspirational Albums, why not try it out yourself? Create your album here.

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