#DIY invitations : Gina’s interview Insta’mom and Cheerz’addict


Gina, Insta’mum and Cheerz’addict tells us her advices in order to create personnalised invitations.

There’s a few time, we discovered Gina on Instagram, an Insta’mom addict of our product and hyper creative! We decided to contact her for you and she has delivered here all of her DIY advices to create great invitations thanks to a Cheerzbox.
Take all of your pictures, workshop will start !📎✂️🎁

Hi Gina, that’s your name isn’t it ? Could you tell us more about you (where you from, what you do, how old are you) ?

I’m Gina, 31 years old and from Bavaria, Germany. For the last 4 years I’ve been working as a product designer for an international sports and lifestyle brand.
But since 13th of February 2016 my job has changed: I’m now mummy of Leo, my little absolutely adorable sunshine. ☀️


We discovered on instagram your DIY with our product, how have you heard about us and when did you discovered our brand ?

I’ve heard about cheerz from several Instagram profiles since I was looking for an inspirational idea for my birth cards. #polaroid

Your creation was so cute, how did you get this idea ?

I love Polaroids! And DIY projects! I think most of my ideas grow in my head. I’ve studied graphic design and my job as footwear designer forced me searching for trends and new upcoming ideas. So I’m still checking different websites/apps such as Pinterest it Instagram for inspiration and upcoming trends.

Could you explain to our reader how you did it and what you need in order to customize your invitations ?

My birth cards are made from cardboard and inside I printed out our text on transparent paper. To fix it a bit I used black and white bakers twine. 🎀


If you had to create something new with our product, to adapt one of them in one of your creation, what will it be ?

I want to create a handcrafted baby memory book. This is why I already ordered another Cheerzbox 😍

We know that you’re well known on Instagram, how did you decided to become a Insts’mom ?

It’s so much fun to get to know other mommies and exchange the daily life with them. I already met some of them in real. Keeping in touch with them is neccessary to be an Insta mom.

As well, do you define yourself as an Insta’mom ?

I guess I define myself as an Insta mommy, too. My Insta profile is a mixture of lovely pictures from Leo growing more and more, my creativity and our daily life with lots of advises, tipps and tricks. For me, my Instagram profile is turning into a diary, kinda. But I am not counting my followers. Of course it makes me really happy every time we get positive feedback!

Then, we will try to know you through a “rabbit fire interview”

Cheerzbox or magnets ?
Web or App ?
Reflex or smartphone ?
With or without filter ?
Reading or writing ?
Talking or listening ?
Cheerzcake or cheerzburger ?
#instamom or #mommyblogger ?

And last but not least, could you continue this sentence : What I prefer about Cheerz…

.. It’s inspirational, fresh & sooooo cool!


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