Getting to know Cheerz: Martin’s Photo Album

Name: Martin
Occupation: German customer support agent


It’s a little known fact that Martin, our long-haired Happiness Team member for German customers, actually comes from Austria – a fact that he tells us constantly in the office, but one that is just as often forgotten. Nevertheless, Martin now lives far away from his family in Paris, so any time spent with them is precious.

Earlier this year my mum came to visit me in Paris, and I took the opportunity to travel with her around France. We don’t often take holidays together (not since I was much younger), so I was very excited to spend some quality time with my mum and also to see a bit of the country I now call home.

My mum was really keen to see the wine regions (because, France) and we also spent a week travelling down the coastline. We had a great time together – we ate well, we drank well and we certainly made up for some lost time.

My mum isn’t really much of a photographer, so I volunteered to be cameraman for the fortnight. I got some great snaps of our travels, and also plenty of selfies with me and my mum. Once she returned to Austria, she of course wanted some copies of these photos herself. However, the thing about my dear old mum is that she’s not very tech-savvy. She knows how to check emails… but that’s about it.

Because of the significant size of the file I wanted to send her, I thought the easiest way would be to use DropBox. But famous last words! It did not not matter how well I explained to her how to use what could possibly be the simplest file-sharing solution out there, she could not figure it out. I’d Skyped her multiple times, I wrote down the instructions as clearly as possible – I even made screenshots! And still, she was not able to understand.

I actually started getting a bit annoyed at my mum. I realise she’s older and not really part of the internet age, but still – I feel like she wasn’t even trying. And yet, she still demanded to see all of the photos I’d taken on our trip together.

But then one day at work, it was announced that we would soon begin creating Photo Albums… and I thought, perfect! As with all new products, we got the opportunity to try it out ourselves for free to have a go and see what we thought. So I uploaded my photos of my mum and me, and created the perfect souvenir from our trip together. Instead of sending it to myself, I had it sent straight to my mum’s address – and a few days later she was on the phone to me (that she could figure out apparently!) to thank me for it.

It was the perfect way to share my photos with someone who has no idea how to use technology… and mum says she really prefers seeing the photos printed out rather than on her computer screen anyway. She says she’s keeping the book on her coffee table, and proudly shows it off to any visitors who stop by. I guess I know what I’m getting my relatives for Christmas this year!

Got a technologically-challenged relative of your own that you’d like to surprise? Create your album here.

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