Getting to know Cheerz: Theodore’s Photo Album

Name: Theodore
Occupation: Community Manager & Writer Cheerz France


Theodore, one of the, let’s say quirkier, minds at Cheerz, created an Album filled with photos of the various Patricks in his life. Yup, it’s exactly what it sounds like… every single page has been dedicated to a different man name Patrick. We asked him for his story with one main question in mind: why?

Q: So Theodore, just going to put this out there… why did you choose to make an Album about Patricks?
A: It seems that only really cool people are named Patrick.

Q: The title of the book is “Alors, on attend pas Patrick”. What does that actually mean in English?
A: It’s a reference to a French movie called “Camping” (which is about… campaign, you guessed it!), in which one of the characters named Patrick Chirac (who is sporting a speedo and vest top in the Album) says, “So you don’t even wait for Patrick!?” while the other characters leave to get a drink.

Q: Who is your favourite Patrick?
A: My grandfather is named Patrick. So I guess I’ll choose him. I did forget to actually put him in the Album though…

Lucky for Cheerz, Theodore is not the one in charge of creating context.

Q: What made you choose the colour and theme?
A: I really, really like Patricks… you could even say I love Patricks. So I chose the love them. And then I chose the colour pink, because Pantone says Rose Quartz is THE colour of 2016.

Q: How long did it take you to create this?
A: About four minutes. I already had a folder with all of the Patrick pictures ready to use.

Of course he did.

Q: What will you do with the On Attend pas Patrick?” Album now?
A: Probably leave it on my coffee table for all of my friends to see how awesome and sophisticated I am.

Based on this interview, we’re not entirely sure how many friends Theodore actually has.

Got an even weirder idea than Theodore for an Album? Create it here.

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