DIY workshop with @minireyve: Photo Structure

Eve, known as @minireyve to her Instagram followers, found a moment between her blog and her family to join us in the Cheerz office and host a DIY workshop. Just six lucky people were able to participate… but before you start getting jealous, we documented the entire workshop so that all of our followers can learn from home.


What advice would you give to someone you wants to get into DIY?
To do it out of pleasure or interest, and not just because it’s a trend. I always loved to create… and when I was 15 I made my first Pinata-shaped sculpture for my brother’s wedding. I spent hours and hours on it!

What gave you the idea for your photo scuplture?

I love wood and I have always wanted to do something with the characteristic pieces of wood that I see at my parents’ farm.

What’s your favourite photo of all time?
Without any hesitation, it has to be this one. It’s not the prettiest photo, but it evokes a lot of emotions for me. The complicity of children and their cheeky faces after they know they’ve done something wrong!


Just six lucky people were able to participate… but before you start getting jealous, we documented the entire workshop so that all of our followers can learn from home.

To recreate this fab photo structure, you will need:

🌳 A wooden log (which you can easily find in your local garden centre… we do not endorse running through the park with a saw)
🚩 A wooden skewer
🌻 Long-stemmed flowers (real or plastic, it’s up to you)
🎨 Paint, paintbrush and a container of water
🔨 A hammer and three nails
🔩 A drill
📦 Masking tape
📎 Mini clothespins
✨ Pretty, embossed paper and/or stickers
📷 Photo prints (of you, your mum, your kids, your cat… whoever you like)

IMG_3264 copie

Pre-preparation: Use the drill to put a small hole in the wooden log. This is where you’ll put the wooden skewer later (just in case you were wondering).

Step 1: Actual Preparation 💪

Use the masking tape to draw the design you want to paint on the wooden log. If your log isn’t a flat surface (which is probably the case), make sure that the masking tape is properly stuck on to avoid getting drips of paint underneath.

IMG_3272 copie

Eve’s tip:Draw simple patterns based on straight lines for a simple but effective look.

Step 2: Painting 🎨

Start by painting one of the areas marked by masking tape, then allow it to dry. Make sure to be careful that no paint drips underneath the tape – this is how you’ll ensure paint only goes where you want it to to create your pattern. Repeat as many times as necessary, and allow to dry.

IMG_3295 copie

Eve’s tip: If you accidentally drip paint in the wrong spot, simply cover it up with another colour.

Step 3: Creating the base 🔨

Use the hammer to insert the nails into the wood… but be sure not to hammer them in all the way, as this is what you’ll use to hang it on the wall. Then, add the wooden skewer into the first hole you made in the wood, as well as your flower stems.

IMG_3333 copie

Eve’s tip: Make the most of the irregularities of the cracks in the wood by adding more flowers where possible.

Step 4: Customisation 🎀

Choose your favourite photos and attach them to the wooden skewer with masking tape or mini clothespins. You can now add small decorative elements as you like – pretty paper, stickers, little messages, etc…

IMG_3370 copie

Have fun!

We’re rather curious to see what you come up with… send us a snap of your masterpiece to [email protected]! 😊

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