When photo printing gets out of hand

When medicine student Shreeya discovered Cheerz, it wasn’t long before she developed what some might call a photo-printing addiction. It’s all fun and games until Accommodation Services gets involved…

Oh dear Shreeya! What happened?
Well firstly, I found out about Cheerz through Facebook – one of my friends had liked an advert for it, and coincidentally at the time I was looking for a way to get some cool prints of my photos. After checking it out, I realised it was exactly what I was looking for.

From there, it started out with a few prints from my gap year travels (and there were a few!)… but then it turned into travel blast walls that covered my entire university dorm room. I loved it, because telling people the stories behind the photos was a good ice breaker, with the added satisfaction of being the envy of all of my flatmates for my awesome décor. However, not long after I received an email from accommodation services, who were concerned about the growing number of photos (and consequent amount of blu-tack that was slowly taking over the whole dorm. Whoops!

Haha, whoops indeed! How many photos were actually up there on the wall?
I think there were about 250-300 prints in total on the wall. When I first started, I was ordering a Cheerz Box every so often, but then I just went the whole hog and ordered a few massive orders of prints.

image1 (2)

What are your favourite photos up there on the wall?
That would have to be the Cheerz photo strips, where I’ve kind of made a small story of each country I went to – there’s one for South Africa where I volunteered with lions. I’ve put that into a story of the first time I met them, up until the last day spent with them. There’s also a few for Kenya, where I’ve put in lots of wildlife photos from safari, and pics of all the awesome people I met on my journeys. It’s really cool to have them put together like that and it reminds me of the progression I’ve made, from being really scared and shy at the beginning, to meeting loads of people and having loads of awesome experiences.


So there’s no one absolute favourite?
Well there is… it’s this one picture I have showing the landscape in Madagascar. It came out really well in the print (as you can see).


Does the Cheerz experience have to stop for you now?
No way! I just need to find a way to not damage my walls. 😁

Well, there is one way… photo magnets! Create yours at Cheerz now.

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