A special Cheerzcake recipe 🎂

We celebrated our first birthday as Cheerz recently – or our “Cheerziversary” if you will – and of course, you can’t have a birthday party without a cake. So, low and behold… we created the world’s first Cheerzcake!


🍚 6 yoghurt-sized pots of sugar
🍚 9 pots of flour
🍚 3 pots of yoghurt
🐮 150g butter
🍳 9 eggs
✉ 3 sachets of baking powder
✉ 3 sachets of vanilla sugar
🎨 Red, yellow and blue food colouring
🎉 Sprinkles, to decorate

🐮 100mL liquid cream
🍫 500g dark chocolate


Get baking 🔥

1. Preheat the oven to 180ºC
2. Melt the butter on a low heat
3. In a large bowl (you’re making about three times as much cake as normal, so think big), mix the melted butter, sugar, flour, yoghurt, beaten eggs, baking powder and vanilla sugar until fully combined
4. Divide the cake batter as evenly as possible into six separate bowls
5. In each bowl, use the food colouring to create differently-coloured cake batters.
Tip: a teeny drop of yellow will make the batter lighter in colour, while a teeny drop of blue will darken it. Don’t be afraid to experiment a bit!
6. Place each batter separately into the same-sized baking pan. We don’t expect you to have 6 identical baking pans on hand, so allow some time for this.
7. Bake each slice of cake for 5 to 7 minutes

Meanwhile, let’s make some icing 🍧

1. Heat the cream in a medium saucepan on a low heat until boiling
2. Break up the dark chocolate and stir in slowly until combined


And then, onto construction 🔨

1. Allow each cake layer to cool
2. Place the first layer on a large plate, then spread icing on top
3. Stack the next layer and repeat until cake is completed
4. Cover cake completely with icing
5. Finish with sprinkles or other cake decorations
6. Allow to set in fridge for approximately 1 hour


Finally, turn it into a photo 📷

The thing you might quickly learn about the Cheerzcake is that it’s quite messy to bake… but easy to fix. Once it’s cooled though, the icing will harden, making it easier for you to wipe it off the plate and clean it up a bit.

Then, just add candles and other general party necessities, and voila! You’ve made a Cheerzcake.


Just remember to get a few snaps of this before you let people eat it. And make sure to share it with #cheerz on Instagram… we’d love to see it! 😁

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