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Why you should invite Cheerz to your wedding

Maybe it’s a bit too soon to be handing out personal invitations to the staff at Cheerz (unless you really like us)… but we can definitely help to take some […]

Savouring your greatest moments as a parent

Wouldn’t it be nice if your little ones could stay little forever? The sad truth is, they can’t, and those blissful, innocent childhood days will one day be looked back […]

Getting to know Cheerz: Theodore’s Photo Album

Name: Theodore Occupation: Community Manager & Writer Cheerz France Theodore, one of the, let’s say quirkier, minds at Cheerz, created an Album filled with photos of the various Patricks in […]

Getting to know Cheerz: Rob’s Photo Album

Name: Rob Occupation: Acquisition Manager UK Super serious team member Rob (lol, jk) took the opportunity to make an Album filled with photos of all the women he’d like to […]

Getting to know Cheerz: Martin’s Photo Album

Name: Martin Occupation: German customer support agent It’s a little known fact that Martin, our long-haired Happiness Team member for German customers, actually comes from Austria – a fact that […]