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Where should I post my photo?

Where should I post my photo? Should I upload my selfie to Facebook? And what about my hipster burger, or my family trip – where do those photos go? And […]

The Picture of Danielle Grey

What happens when a model meets a photographer, and together they stumble across a cool photo printing company like Cheerz? According to the Grey family, the chemistry between all three […]

A special Cheerzcake recipe 🎂

We celebrated our first birthday as Cheerz recently – or our “Cheerziversary” if you will – and of course, you can’t have a birthday party without a cake. So, low […]

DIY workshop with @minireyve: Photo Structure

Eve, known as @minireyve to her Instagram followers, found a moment between her blog and her family to join us in the Cheerz office and host a DIY workshop. Just […]