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When I started trolling Unicode

You might have already noticed that at Cheerz, we like to use the odd emoji in our communication 😁🍕🐱 Despite the ever-growing list of emojis out there, sometimes I struggle […]

The hilarious Cheerios Challenge

Ever wondered what your parents got up to when you went for all of those disco naps as a child? Well, children of the 2016 will always know, thanks to […]

Look what the fairies brought in! ✨

Even for a company that prints Instagram photos, you’d be surprised at just how much we check Instagram. It’s where all the best ideas are! Seriously though, we really love […]

DIY Workshop: Embroidered photos with Sp4nk the blog

Astrid, the artist behind the blog Sp4nk, came up with a creative way to embroider her photos and give them a quirky personal touch. She visited us in our office […]

Why you should invite Cheerz to your wedding

Maybe it’s a bit too soon to be handing out personal invitations to the staff at Cheerz (unless you really like us)… but we can definitely help to take some […]

The mark of a proud parent (or one to be!)

Once again, we’ve been overjoyed by the creativity we’ve seen from our users on Instagram – more specifically, our users with kids. 👶  We’ve loved seeing how parents are treasuring their […]

Savouring your greatest moments as a parent

Wouldn’t it be nice if your little ones could stay little forever? The sad truth is, they can’t, and those blissful, innocent childhood days will one day be looked back […]

Strips of love

Love the idea of our Photo booth Strips, but not really sure what to do with them? Once again, our super imaginative (even if we do say so ourselves) Instagram […]

Making the most of your summer memories

First of all, let’s start by getting excited. It’s summer, the time for the best possible holidays you can take (unless you’re a ginger. Just kidding… our resident copywriter Katie […]

Pets of Cheerz

When we started Cheerz, the idea was to build an app that people could use to upload their photos, and to create beautiful products for people to create them on. […]

Where should I post my photo?

Where should I post my photo? Should I upload my selfie to Facebook? And what about my hipster burger, or my family trip – where do those photos go? And […]

The Prints’ new groove

To some, a photo print is a way to hold a special memory. But to others, it’s also a crafty DIY project! We’re always amazed at the things our customers […]

Getting to know Cheerz: Theodore’s Photo Album

Name: Theodore Occupation: Community Manager & Writer Cheerz France Theodore, one of the, let’s say quirkier, minds at Cheerz, created an Album filled with photos of the various Patricks in […]

Getting to know Cheerz: Rob’s Photo Album

Name: Rob Occupation: Acquisition Manager UK Super serious team member Rob (lol, jk) took the opportunity to make an Album filled with photos of all the women he’d like to […]

Getting to know Cheerz: Martin’s Photo Album

Name: Martin Occupation: German customer support agent It’s a little known fact that Martin, our long-haired Happiness Team member for German customers, actually comes from Austria – a fact that […]