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The hilarious Cheerios Challenge

Ever wondered what your parents got up to when you went for all of those disco naps as a child? Well, children of the 2016 will always know, thanks to […]

1000 words by Lipsha

Everyone out there has a story – and sometimes all it can take is a glimpse of a familiar photograph to get people talking. We hit the streets of central […]

Getting to know Cheerz: Theodore’s Photo Album

Name: Theodore Occupation: Community Manager & Writer Cheerz France Theodore, one of the, let’s say quirkier, minds at Cheerz, created an Album filled with photos of the various Patricks in […]

Getting to know Cheerz: Rob’s Photo Album

Name: Rob Occupation: Acquisition Manager UK Super serious team member Rob (lol, jk) took the opportunity to make an Album filled with photos of all the women he’d like to […]

Getting to know Cheerz: Martin’s Photo Album

Name: Martin Occupation: German customer support agent It’s a little known fact that Martin, our long-haired Happiness Team member for German customers, actually comes from Austria – a fact that […]

When photo printing gets out of hand

When medicine student Shreeya discovered Cheerz, it wasn’t long before she developed what some might call a photo-printing addiction. It’s all fun and games until Accommodation Services gets involved… Oh […]

DIY Workshop: Food photos with Ophelie’s Kitchen Book

Not long returned from a trip to India, Ophelie from the blog Ophelie’s Kitchen Book recently visited us to host a workshop with lessons on turning a plate of food […]