Fun gifts for your flatmates (that don’t involve doing their dishes)

Love them or hate them, your flatmates are a massive part of your life. They’re there when you get home from work or uni to catch up on the day’s gossip, they’re there when you wake up from a big night out to make jokes about how noisy you were last night and how *cough* pretty you look this morning, and they’re there to lend you clothes and accessories when you have somewhere to be but nothing to wear.

Perhaps you have the odd squabble with each other about whose turn it is to take the rubbish out - but if you’re lucky enough to live with a decent group of people in a house you can call home, we think that’s something to be happy about. And especially if you’ve put up the communal Christmas tree together (you know, the cheap plastic one you put up until you go back to your parents’ to enjoy the real thing), it’s really only fair to thank your flatmates with a meaningful present to wrap up and put underneath the tree.

And of course, that doesn’t have to break the bank. If we all had money to spend on extravagant gifts for each other, we probably wouldn’t be flatsharing, am I right?

So here are a few fun gift ideas for your flatmates that are fun, easy to make, affordable and most importantly, meaningful.

Christmas Magnets - from £7.45 + P&P

What’s something you all use in the house? The fridge of course! So why not make the most of that space and create your flatmates a set of cute little magnets with all of your best memories on it? Remember the time when one of you forgot to put the lid on the blender and got breakfast smoothie all over the kitchen? Or the time that one of you got so drunk you fell asleep in the bathroom brushing your teeth? If you’ve got the photos, then these hilarious memories will last forever.

A super-cute box of 9 magnets from Cheerz will set you back £7.45 (plus £2.45 in P&P), and for an extra £6 you can add another 9 magnets to the box. Selecting your photos takes just five minutes to do (on either the app or the website), and then your parcel will be on its way to you within the week. And the best part? The Christmas magnets already come in a festive little box, which means you don’t even need to wrap them!

While you can easily create a box of Christmas magnets with your favourite flatsharing-moments, it’s also a good opportunity to unleash your passive-aggressive side. For example:

Big Fat Box - from £21.95 + P&P

This is a really fun idea if you’re committed as flatmates. Starting at £21.95, the Big Fat Box is a b-e-a-utiful box that comes with a minimum of 75 Prints. But of course, you can always add more as you go, so a fun flatmate idea is to start off with the minimum 75 photos, then add to the box as you continue to make memories. Consider it the gift that keeps on giving - you can surprise each other every once in awhile by ordering Prints of photos from that awesome house party you’ll be throwing in March, or that weekend trip you took together to Amsterdam.

Not to get all mushy on you, but as Big Fat Box grows, so will the bond you have with your flatmates (awww, stop it!).

Photo Strips - from £6.45 + P&P

It’s 2015, so there’s really no need to be embarrassed about it. So let’s admit it - we all take selfies with our flatmates. So what!? For a fun, creative way of displaying these memories, check out our Photo Strips from Cheerz. They’re kind of like those old-school photo booth strips you used to get - but without the hassle of having to find a photo booth!

Strips also make great decorations for around the house, and are an easy way to turn a house into a home. Available in sets of five or 10, they’re fun to create (just select your favourite 20 or 40 snaps from your phone, computer, Facebook, Instagram or more) and will be with you within the week. Strips also come in a fun-shaped envelope that when wrapped up and put under the tree, will keep your flatmates guessing until Christmas.

Merry Cheerzmas! The Cheerz Team x