The hilarious Cheerios Challenge

Ever wondered what your parents got up to when you went for all of those disco naps as a child?

Well, children of the 2016 will always know, thanks to the power of Instagram.

Around the world, parents are partaking in one of the most ridiculous but brilliant online Instagram challenges we’ve ever seen: how many Cheerios (the cereal doughnutty-looking things) can you balance on your child’s head before they wake up again?

As it turns out, the answer is a lot more than you think…

A photo posted by Cheerios (@cheerios) on

That over-the-cot handwork takes skills!

We really feel for the mum having to hold the kid’s head up for this.

A photo posted by Bryan Focht (@focht.b) on

Totally caught in the act.

A photo posted by Cuanta Razon (@cuantarazon) on

Is it cheating if they’re not asleep?

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A risky angle.

Slow and steady wins the race.

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