Why you should invite Cheerz to your wedding

Maybe it’s a bit too soon to be handing out personal invitations to the staff at Cheerz (unless you really like us)… but we can definitely help to take some of the stress out of your big day – both before, during and afterwards.

You’ve seen our product range, and you might have already printed some memories with us for gifts or for yourself. We absolutely adore seeing what people do with their Cheerz products, and we’re constantly watching the #cheerz hashtag to see what fun, creative new things people have come up with. But did you know that many of our users are turning to Cheerz for their wedding too?

It’s simple, it’s cost-effective and it’s a creative way to show off your love during all aspects of your big day. Here are some gorgeous ideas for what you can do:

Before the wedding:

before - magnets

Save the Dates: Square Magnets or Invitations

Of course, to take great photos at the wedding, you need to make sure your guests remember to attend! Square magnets or Invitations (double-sided matte prints) are a simple yet chic way to stay on peoples’ radar. They’re easy to create, and they’re even easier to hang up on the fridge!

Seating plans: Retro Prints

Everyone loves a well-organised wedding… and you can’t really get more organised than having personalised photo prints as individual place cards! We’ve had several Cheerz users take the best (AKA most flattering) photo of each of their guests to print on a Retro Print, also adding their name in the caption (which is super easy to do on the app or website). Then, they’ve simply used basic photo holders to stand the Prints upright at each table setting. Voila! Now your wedding guests won’t be scrambling around trying to find their seats. It’s also a fun souvenir for them to take home afterwards.

During the wedding:

during - bridal box

Wedding decorations: Bridal Box

Decorating your wedding can be one of the most stressful elements of it, and everyone wants to make sure their wedding both stands out, looks amazing and reminds the attendees of the happy couple. A great way to add some personality to your wedding is to decorate it with photo prints of you, your husband or wife to be, and all of those good memories created with your loved ones. The Cheerz Bridal Box contains everything you need to create a stylish exhibition of these moments, with string, a bag of wooden pegs and up to 250 photo prints to hang up. It’s fun, easy and will definitely be a talking point at your wedding.

After the wedding:

after - album

Keepsakes for you: Photo Album

There’s really no better way to tell the story of your big day than with a photo book… and the Cheerz Photo Album is the perfect option. It’s simple to make (literally taking just minutes on the app or website), it’s the best quality in every way possible (Layflat technology, Felix Schoeller paper and a super protective box to keep it in) and with six cover colours and six themes to choose from (including a special wedding theme), it’s also going to look great on your shelf. It’s one of those beloved products that you’d be proud to display on your coffee table, ready to pick up and peruse whenever you need a smile.

Thank you cards: Double-sided Prints

As well as Save the Dates, the Invitations product can also make a fabulous Thank you card, with the possibility to add a photo to the front and a personalised or handwritten message on the back.

Got any ideas of your own? We’d love to hear them. Email us at [email protected] – you might even be featured on our blog or newsletters!

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