Making the most of your summer memories

First of all, let’s start by getting excited. It’s summer, the time for the best possible holidays you can take (unless you’re a ginger. Just kidding… our resident copywriter Katie is a ginger, and she still manages to enjoy herself).

But back to the point… this is the time most of us are probably going to experience the highlight of our year. Whether you’re going diving in the Mediterranean, or soaking up the sun in Spain… or even just getting into mildly warmer weather on the coast of Britain, you’re bound to be taking loads of beautiful, envy-inspiring photos that will keep you warm for the rest of the year.

Like this one for example (Blue Lagoon, Comino, Malta).

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In case you hadn’t noticed, that’s what we like to do at Cheerz – help you keep your memories forever by printing them as beautiful photo products. It’s the perfect way to capture the good times for good, and to give you a false feeling of warmth when the winter inevitably returns (but let’s not talk about that right now).

Our top five ideas for holding on to your summer memories:


Tell your story with the Photo Album

Holding 12 to 150 photos, the Photo Album is all about telling stories in the most beautiful way possible. There are plenty of layouts, themes and colours to choose from (though the yellow one just screams out summer!), making it easy to personalise.


Create a summer momento with the Gelatin Cheerz Box

The Cheerz Box is a cute little box holding 30 to 45 Retro Prints. What you do with it is completely up to you… and the possibilities are endless (seriously, the ideas that we get tagged us on Instagram never fail to amaze us!). You can keep the Prints safe in the box, or hang them on the wall. You could even feature just one every day, and switch them around. Get creative!


Give yourself more reasons to hang out by the fridge with Square Magnets

Aren’t our little magnets cute? They even come in their own cute little box. But the best thing is that you can stick them in the one place that’s in your face at least twice a day – the fridge. Once the days of cracking open a refreshingly cold beer are gone and dusted, you’ll have the good memories of your summer travels to remind you of warmer days.


Honour your best summer snap with Metallic Prints

Taken an absolute beauty of a photo this summer and want to do something extra special with it? Our brand new Metallic Prints could be the answer. Printed on a sturdy, metallic surface, this is definitely a high-quality print that will last forever. Perfect for sprucing up an empty wall!


Mark your page with photo booth Strips

One thing that’s for sure (we hope) this summer – you’re going to get some reading done. And if you’re amongst those that are yet to convert to an e-reader, then you might love our photo strips, which create perfect book marks! They’re great for you (obviously) or as a cute little gift to a friend.

From all of the team at Cheerz, we hope you have a bloody brilliant summer – just remember to take lots of photos! 📱

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