DIY Workshop: Travel diaries with Mamie Boude

If you’re planning a trip to a faraway destination, or even just the Cotswolds*, this DIY tutorial is just the thing for you! Our friend Lisalou, who is otherwise known as Mamie Boude, gave us a visit to show us how to compile our best travel memories into beautiful DIY books.

*The Cotswolds are definitely beautiful though

atelier-cheerz-mamieboude-10mai_7 copie
What’s been your favourite travel memory so far Lisalou?
Definitely a surprise: when I received a marriage proposal in New York City! 😍

Do you prefer modern-day GPS or a cool vintage map?
I enjoy using a good old map for adventures, but when I have limited time in a new place, I will admit to using GPS to make the most of my trip and see as much as I can.

If you had to choose somewhere to live for the rest of your life, where would you choose and why?
Hmm that’s a hard one, since I’m always moving around. But if I have to choose, I would say New York City in autumn, as the city is just so vibrant during these months… Tokyo in spring to see the Cherry Blossoms, San Francisco in winter so I can soak up that Californian sun, and the Basque Country in summer because it’s my favourite region of France. 😉

To create something with all of your travel memories, you will need:

📓 An artbook (with blank pages)
📍 A map of the destination of your choice
➕ Self-adhesive letters
🌀 Sellotape
👌🏻 Glue
📏 A ruler of at least 30cm
✏️ A pencil
✂️ Scissors
🔲 Small photo corners
📷 Photo prints, including one to stick on the cover

Step 1: Measure and cut

Take the ruler and measure your book. Once you’ve got the dimensions, unfold out your map, select a part of it that you like and draw a rectangle around it that it is roughly five to six centimetres wider and longer than your book. Once drawn, carefully cut out the rectangle.
atelier-cheerz-mamieboude-10mai copie
Why is it bigger? Because it will allow you to create tabs to cover the entire book, just like you did for your old English text book at school (you know the one we’re talking about).

Step 2: Folding

Now that you’ve made all of your measurements, place your book on the map and make folds where the edges meet. Then, use your scissors to cut the corners, making it easier to fold in the tabs evenly to stop them protruding from the top and bottom of the book.
atelier-cheerz-mamieboude-10mai_15 copie

Step 3: Making it stick

Using your glue, simply paste the map onto the book underneath the folds, taking care to remove any air bubbles. Think of it like sticking up wallpaper – you want it to be nice and smooth.
atelier-cheerz-mamieboude-10mai_8 copie
For a “wow” effect, you can also stick the first page of the book to the cover. This way you won’t see the ugly underside of the map. 😉
atelier-cheerz-mamieboude-10mai_5 copie
Now you just need to wait for it to dry… and in the meantime, you can be choosing THE photo to go on the first page.
atelier-cheerz-mamieboude-10mai_16 copie

Step 4: Personalisation

Now that your book is covered, it’s ready to be personalised! Start by attaching the photo corners onto all of the photo prints you’ve selected, and arranging them into the book to your liking. Make sure to leave enough space between each photo so as not to clutter the pages.
atelier-cheerz-mamieboude-10mai_20 copie
If you don’t have photo corners, you can also use sellotape to stick onto the corners of your photo prints, or stick it directly onto the cover of the book. Alternatively, you can also ask us nicely by emailing [email protected] and we can see if we’ve got any spares lying around. 😉
atelier-cheerz-mamieboude-10mai_23 copie

After this, have fun using the self-adhesive letters to spell out the names of your travel destinations, and unleash your creativity by annotating your travel memories. 👍🏻
atelier-cheerz-mamieboude-10mai_28 copie
atelier-cheerz-mamieboude-10mai_29 copie

And there you have it! A beautiful travel book to take your mind right back to your favourite travel moments. 😘

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