The mark of a proud parent (or one to be!)

Once again, we’ve been overjoyed by the creativity we’ve seen from our users on Instagram – more specifically, our users with kids. đŸ‘¶  We’ve loved seeing how parents are treasuring their family memories with our products… so we decided to share!

Because as nice as it is to hang up your children’s art on the wall… what about making space for some of your own? 🎹

Here are some of our favourite ideas we’ve seen lately…


🔳  Four favourite memories showcased in perfect, square symmetry.


🍉  Magnetic memories to make kitchen time more enjoyable.


🎁  A collection of photos to continue to add to as little ones grow up.


📚  A very special Photo Album to mark a very special occasion.


🎹  A new masterpiece to hang up on the wall (made by the whole family).


🌍  An interactive map to keep track of all of those family holidays.


đŸ¶  A reminder to include all of our children – including our furbabies!


💛  A timeless collection of all the good times caught on camera.

Feeling inspired to print your own family memories? It all starts at Cheerz.

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