How to overcome the awkwardness of Secret Santa

If you’ve worked in an office for at least a year, then the chances of you having to play the Secret Santa game are high. You know the feeling - everyone’s names are in a hat, ready to be drawn, and there’s that one guy in particular that you’re secretly hoping you won’t have to buy a lame present for.

In theory, Secret Santa is a fun game that removes the necessity to buy multiple Christmas gifts for everyone in the office. And since there’s usually a set price, you also don’t need to worry about feeling like a cheapskate for buying something too little, or getting embarrassed about overdoing it. But of course, this only applies if you get along with each and every single person you work with (like we do at Cheerz ). So when it comes to your turn to draw a name, and you pull out someone you either bitch about behind their back, or just know nothing about other than they eat the Tesco meal deal every day for lunch, Secret Santa suddenly becomes a much less appealing option.

But worry no more - at Cheerz, we have the easiest, most appropriate solution for literally anyone - yes, even that one awkward colleague you have who barely even says hello!

When the limit is set for £20 or less:

Mosaic Poster: For the total price of £17.90 (£11.95 + shipping) this is an easy gift to give and will also make it appear like you put in a lot of thought and effort in. All you need to do is find your colleague’s Instagram, save their best 35 photos and upload them to the app or the website, and voila! You have an amazing Secret Santa gift for under £20.

And of course, if the recipient doesn’t have Instagram, you can always find 35 photos of something they love, whether that be cats, cars or Tesco sandwiches. Who wouldn’t want to stick 35 of their favourite things on their wall?

When the limit is set for £10 or less:

Christmas Magnets: For £9.90 (£6.45 + shipping) you could also create a cute little box of 9 magnets with your colleague’s Instagram photos. Everyone has a fridge right? Plus, these babies will pretty much stick to any metal surface, so if the recipient has a good sense of humour, you could always find some fun “motivational” quotes to print as magnets, and them spruce up their desk area.

See!? Secret Santa doesn’t have to be nearly as awkward as you think it does! Plus, we’re betting that everyone’s going to be wishing for you as their Secret Santa next year…

Merry Cheerzmas!

The Cheerz Team x