The Picture of Danielle Grey

What happens when a model meets a photographer, and together they stumble across a cool photo printing company like Cheerz? According to the Grey family, the chemistry between all three can cause a passion for photography to take over the whole house…

When Danielle the model met Nick the photographer, it wasn’t just the camera that clicked… the two hit it off over a shared love for photography. Now married, the pair live in north-east England, where they have also passed their passion down to their two children, Laurence (10) and Violet (8). “Photography and photographs are a big part of our lives,” Danielle says. “We also had a long-distance relationship for a while, so the photos and the memories are extremely important. We’re frequently taking photos and selfies, and like to do creative photos with the kids using things like smoke bombs and PhotoShop effects”. 📷

It was around this time last year when Danielle and Nick had the fun idea to bring their many photos to life and cover their chimney breast with prints.💡 But then after seeing someone’s Instagram post of prints arranged in a heart, it was then that Danielle and Nick discovered Cheerz and decided to take things to the next level. And from there, the Cheerz Wall was born!

“We take a LOT of square, Instagram-format photos, so the Big Fat Box was the natural choice. We ordered a box of 100 square prints to begin with… but then we worked out we needed another 168 to fill the gaps, so we ordered another 170. Once we started, we just had to finish it!”

That’s Danielle’s husband Nick in the photo, proudly standing underneath the finished project. Now that the wall is full, the family has asked their friends to start sending them funky postcards to fill the archway – and Danielle is also getting the kids to choose some photos to print to fill up their bedroom doors. “I love that we have transformed our living room into a little shrine with just some prints and some Blu-Tack!” she says.

And with such a fun family, there will forever new memories to take photos of. “As well as photography, we also love to cosplay and play dress up… me and Nick do a cracking Shaggy and Velma from Scooby Doo. We are just a bit of an odd family, but we are so happy with it!” ❤

Some of the highlights from the Cheerz Wall 🙌🏻





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