Strips of love

Love the idea of our Photo booth Strips, but not really sure what to do with them?

Once again, our super imaginative (even if we do say so ourselves) Instagram feed comes to the rescue…

Of course, there’s the semi-obvious concept of hanging the Strips up like regular photo prints, for a quirkier look. And just because it’s obvious, doesn’t mean it doesn’t look cool! 😎

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Photo by @leblogbeautedelucile

And another way…

Photo by @JustJodiee

Because photos of your friends are much better looking than any bird…

Photo by @stellacanonge

Looking forward to catching up on some reading this summer? Protect your books with the best bookmarks ever!

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Flowers may be beautiful, but eventually they’ll wilt, die, and leave a mess in your house. Strips on the other hand…

Feeling hungry but still trying to achieve that beach bod? Get creative with the help of our Strips! 😉

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Inspired to create your own Photo Strips? Do it here.

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