Savouring your greatest moments as a parent

Wouldn’t it be nice if your little ones could stay little forever?

The sad truth is, they can’t, and those blissful, innocent childhood days will one day be looked back on as “the good old days”. And this is one of the key factors we had in mind when we created our Photo Album.

We always kind of figured that the Photo Album would be a hit amongst parents… it’s simple to make, it’s beautiful, and it’s a great way to treasure your favourite moments of your children growing up. We did do our research after all!

But what we weren’t expecting and were pleasantly surprised to see was parents making the most of our Photo Album and turning it into something original and special to tell their own stories.

Since we love sharing ideas and inspiration, we thought we’d showcase some of the best ideas we’ve seen so far, in the hopes that it will inspire you to create something similar for your own children (or future children!).


This mum had the great idea to take a photo of her baby each month next to a homemade height chart. Each month, her baby has a brand new look, and well, a brand new height. So she printed all of these photos with the Album, making a chronological story that will be loads of fun to look through once the baby is finished growing.


This mum wanted to savour all of those blissful holiday memories made… and she did so by filling up the pages of her Album with fun family snaps. It’s the perfect thing to look back on once the little ones grow up and decide it’s no longer cool to take holidays with their parents…


What better way to mark a special occasion of your child’s life than by telling the story on beautifully printed pages? That’s what this mum does – she started a collection of Albums, each telling the story of a different and significant milestone. Nothing really screams out “proud parent” more than this idea.


But of course, like this mum discovered, you can’t beat all of those little moments in life. You know what we’re talking about… the moments that you didn’t expect to happen, but they happened and they made you smile at the same time – enough to think to pull out your camera phone and capture the memory forever. So this mum filled her book with all of those moments – the big and the small – to basically create something that will make her smile each time she looks through it.

Love these ideas and want to create your own? You’ll find the Photo Album here. Feel free to share your ideas with us too – we love seeing what our users come up with!

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