DIY Workshop: Embroidered photos with Sp4nk the blog

Astrid, the artist behind the blog Sp4nk, came up with a creative way to embroider her photos and give them a quirky personal touch. She visited us in our office recently to show us how it’s done.

To embroider your photos, you will need

đŸ“· The photos… obviously (at least one)
💈 Some thread that’s not too thick but not too thin
📍 A needle
📄 Some tracing paper
✏ A pencil

IMG_4085 copie

Step 1: Preparation

Cut yourself a piece of tracing paper the same size as your photo, then draw the pattern you want to embroider onto this. Attach the paper to the back of the photo, making sure that’s it’s the right way around – you don’t want to sew through someone’s face… unless that’s your idea (we won’t judge)!

IMG_4091 copie

If you’re a confident sewer, there’s nothing stopping you from skipping the tracing paper step and moving straight on to Step 2. #YOLO ✌

Step 2: Mapping

The needle won’t go through the paper quite as easily as tissue paper (trust us on this), so it’s better to “draw” your pattern with holes beforehand. To do this, take the needle and punch little holes (about 4-5 mm apart) to map out where you want to embroider it.

IMG_4090 copie

Tip: if you have a thimble or a piece of cork you can place behind your photo, you’ll avoid poking your fingers with the needle instead! 😉

Step 3: Embroidery

Now that you’ve perforated your pattern into the photo, thread your needle and tie a knot at the end (making sure to make it big enough to not slide through the holes you’ve made). Begin sewing through from the back of the photo, so the knot remains behind. Then, this is where things get complicated!

IMG_4112 copie

IMG_4126 copie

It’s way cooler than Grandma’s embroidery right? 😊

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